Tavoite Media / Lateralus Enterprise / Bisnesrekisteri.fi illegal spam once again

“Which of the domains below can be tied back to us?”

Funny you should ask, Spammin’ Boy Wonder.

Lateralus Enterprise / Tavoite Media / bisnesrekisteri.fi continue to

  • spam,
  • illegally spam natural persons without permission or business context,
  • illegally process outdated and erroneous personal information,
  • illegally claim they don’t maintain a personal data file,
  • lie about it all in the illegal spam.

Nothing new about any of that.

So let’s dissect the claims:

  • Tämä on yrityksille suunnattu markkinointiviesti, johon ei lainmukaan tarvitse lupaa.
    [This is a marketing message targeted at companies, that accordingtothelaw requires no permission.]
    Spamming, and happy to admit it, in other words.
    It just so happens that because of your illegal processing of outdated and erroneous personal information (Section 9.2 of the Personal Data Act), you end up not only spamming in general, but illegally spamming the addresses of natural persons without a business connection (Section 26 of the Act on the Protection of Privacy in Electronic Communications). Permission is in fact required, because they are the addresses of natural persons and none of the business-related mitigations apply. And you’re violating the terms of use of Tawasol Go even just by spamming businesses.
  • Osoitelähteet: Internetin julkiset yritysrekisterit ja yrityshakemistot.
    [Address sources: Public business registers and directories on the Internet.]
    This travesty does not even attempt to meet the requirements of Section 25 of the Personal Data Act.
  • Rekisterimme ei sisällä henkilötietoja.
    [Our file does not include personal data.]
    So you admit it is your file for which you need to acknowledge responsibility in accordance with the Personal Data Act. And here’s a free hint to Spammin’ Boy Wonder: email addresses of the firstname.lastname@domain.example type are personal data, so that’s a lie, too.

Spamming IP: The resources of tawasolgo.com in the network of OVH.

Spam headers:

From bounce@4amego.com  Mon Mar 11 hh:mm:ss 2013
Return-Path: <bounce@4amego.com>
Received: from mxa2.4amego.com (mxa2.4amego.com [])
 by x (Postfix) with ESMTP id x
for <x>; Tue, 12 Mar 2013 hh:mm:ss +0000 (UTC)
To: x
Subject: Tavoita uusia asiakkaita!
Message-ID: <x@service.tawasolgo.com>
Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2013 hh:mm:ss -0400
From: "Kustannustehokasta markkinointia" <noreply@bisnesrekisteri.fi>
Reply-To: noreply@bisnesrekisteri.fi
MIME-Version: 1.0
X-Mailer-LID: x
List-Unsubscribe: <http://service.tawasolgo.com/newsletter/unsubscribe.php?M=x&C=x&L=x&N=x>
X-Mailer-RecptId: x
X-Mailer-SID: x
X-Mailer-Sent-By: x
Content-Type: multipart/alternative; charset="UTF-8"; boundary="b1_x"
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit

Human-readable spam content:

Hei yrittäjä,

Tervetuloa tekemään kustannustehokasta sähköpostimarkkinointia, joka
tuo yrityksellesi lisää verkkonäkyvyyttä, asiakkaita sekä

Tarjoamme 150’000 sähköpostia kattavan yritysrekisterin, jonka voit ostaa
kerralla omaksi hintaan 1490€ + alv. ilman kk-maksuja tai lisäkuluja.

Sähköpostimarkkinointi on todistetusti tehokas työkalu
uusasiakashankitaan: monet asiakkaistamme ovat jo yhdestä lähetyksestä
ssadulla voitolla kattaneet rekisterin kulut!

Siirry sinäkin verkkomarkkinoinnin aikaan ja mainosta niin, että
kilpailijasi ovat sinulle kateellisia!

Klikkaa tästä ja lue lisää!
Tämä on yrityksille suunnattu markkinointiviesti, johon ei lainmukaan
tarvitse lupaa.
Osoitelähteet: Internetin julkiset yritysrekisterit ja yrityshakemistot.
Rekisterimme ei sisällä henkilötietoja.
Lähetä markkinointikielto tästä:

Your email client cannot read this email.
To view it online, please go here:

To stop receiving these

5 Responses to Tavoite Media / Lateralus Enterprise / Bisnesrekisteri.fi illegal spam once again

  1. On Tue, Mar 12, 2013 at 12:37:46PM +0200, Filip Poutintsev wrote:
    > Hei,
    > Väitteesi tueksi http://mainsleaze2.spambouncer.org/?p=3030 voitko antaa
    > selvityksen mihin henkilösähköpostiin saat viestejä.

    [Request to reveal spamtraps]

    I guess you didn’t read http://mainsleaze2.spambouncer.org/?page_id=242

    > Mikäli emme saa selvitystä, niin asia tarkoittaa ettet saa
    > yksityissähköposteihin viestejä

    [Reality twist in the Poutintsevian model of universe saying that if
    spamtraps are not revealed the spam to natural persons does not exist]

    Well, you know as well as I do that you’re bullshitting.

    Check your own list for any addresses that fill the criteria described in the blog post. The criteria are just before the words “Spamming IP”.

    > vaan kenties yrityssähköposteihin,
    > joihin Suomen lain mukaan meillä on oikeus lähettää mainoksia.

    [B2B spam is legal]

    Both, in fact.

    It’s legal to spam B2B before the addresses opt out.

    It’s still against the terms of service of Tawasol Go, whose definition of spam is literally in line with Spamhaus. So you should expect to be kicked out of there any time now.

    But it doesn’t end there. Addresses of natural persons are to be treated as personal data requiring permission (don’t believe me, ask the Data Protection Ombudsman). Your disclaimer is a flat out lie.

    It is also illegal to process outdated and erroneous personal information in any way, which fact is not related to marketing or email. And you’re doing that.

    > Tässä tapauksessa syyllistyt myös kunnianloukkaukseen, sillä väitteesi
    > eivät pidä paikkansa.

    [Y00 are guilty of libel and slander!!!]

    It could be argued that you have no honour, so there is nothing that could be offended. Honourable entities have no problems retaining Internet service, and honourable business entities have no problems putting their name under their business communications. The facts that you have to look for hiding places in Bangladesh and Jordan, anonymize everything, and never, ever put your name under anything, speak volumes.

    Besides, have a look at Chapter 24, Section 9 of the Criminal Code.

    The claim that you are spamming addresses of natural persons is not false, so Paragraph 1 does not apply. If I need to prove it in a court of law, I will have no shortage of materials to do it.

    All my criticism is aimed at your functioning in business. I do not know you as a person outside business and I would probably never have come to know you was it not for your functioning in business. So, Paragraph 2 applies. You need to take a lot more than you would have to as a person without a business (politics, public office, science, art, or comparable public activity) context.

    > Tiedät varmaan että koska toiminimeni on sama juridinen henkilö kuin
    > minä, loukkaamalla sitä loukkaat minua.

    [I am a person with a sole trader business so you’re libelling ME and not just the business.]

    Boy, it goes the other way around. Read the Paragraph 2 again.

    You are required to allow more criticism because you’re in business, regardless of your chosen form of business (sole trader, Ltd, whatever).

    > Näin ollen teen asiasta tutkintapyynnön poliisille.

    [I will s00 y00]

    By all means, please do. I have won before, and it’s documented in public.

    > —
    > Filip Poutintsev
    > Managing Director
    > Tavoite Media
    > http://www.tavoite.com
    > Puh. 040-5940756
    > Skype: filip.poutintsev

    Sole traders do not have business organisation. They don’t have CEOs, managing directors, or indeed anything resembling organisational structure. When you’re ready to enter business for real, set up a Ltd.

    Best regards, Atro

  2. Filip is complaining that I am publishing his personal information here without his permission. It’s not personal information, it’s all business contact details. My advice is don’t do business if you can’t stand the publicity.

  3. On Tue, Mar 12, 2013 at 03:10:33PM +0200, Filip Poutintsev wrote:

    Lisäksi jos haluat avointa julkista keskustelua aiheesta, ehdotan että teet minulle tunnukset http://mainsleaze2.spambouncer.org/ sivulle, joilla voin kommentoida postauksiasi. Tällä hetkellä kun keskustelu on yksipuolista, tai jos tykkäät puhua itsekseen niin se on toinen juttu, mutta silloin turha sanoa että keskustelu on avointa.

    [Filip says he wants to participate, so would I please create an account for him in this blog so I wouldn’t be just talking to myself and pretending it’s an open conversation.]

    Registering on this site is free and available to anybody, so you would be most welcome to participate. I don’t need to do anything for that to be possible for you, and I can’t even prevent you from doing it 🙂

    We’d appreciate it if you bothered writing in English as it is, after all, an international blog.

    Best regards, Atro

    On Tue, Mar 12, 2013 at 03:19:21PM +0200, Filip Poutintsev wrote:

    Send me a link where I can register.

    It’s there on the front page of the site, lower right hand corner.

    I can’t actually believe you have a hard time searching a web page for the word “register”. Do you need to take Computers 101 first?

  4. More of the same in the evening of March 19. The only appreciable change from last time is that Tawasol Go have effectively decommissioned the website that had the fine terms of service forbidding spam and indicating agreement with the Spamhaus definition of spam.

    The problem of Tawasol Go’s spam origination is now effectively reduced, fortunately.

  5. This just in from Filip, emphasis mine.

    once again please provide some kind of evidence that you have received my ad to your email which has not been subscribed to my list. All emails on my list are double opt-in and it could be only a weird mistake that your email would get on my list without your permission, so unless you provide your email address to which you receive my ads I’m unable to check if your argument is valid or not, and help you with this issue. So in other words help us to help you!

    In the message text, he stresses the points of permission not being legally required for B2B (true), no personal information being processed (false), and addresses being harvested from public sources on the Internet. In the response, he claims that the addresses are double opt-in. Should I believe Filip, or Filip? There’s a nagging feeling in the back of my mind that my correspondent might be driving three wheels these days.

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