Xtravaganza.fi / kevytkauppa.fi: Do businesses really worry about weight, or eat snacks?

Xtravaganza.fi / kevytkauppa.fi (domains registered to In Shape VIP Oy Ab, and Edlit Production Oy, respectively), who look like they might be somehow related to Shape.fi, are spamming Finnish B2B addresses (including outdated and erroneous personal ones) to offer them “snacks you can eat with a good conscience”.

The dude behind these two shares his surname with the Shape.fi spammer lady. They are also both using the services of Venamail / MailCom Europe Ab, the Swedish spam service provider with a Spamhaus listing (where the only fault is that it only covers one IP address where it should cover 20 or so IPs in approximately four (discontinuous) /24’s), they’re both offering services that have solely to do with natural persons staying fit and are therefore completely out of place in B2B advertising, and they’re both trying to circumvent the Finnish spam legislation by spamming natural persons (too) under a B2B pretext.

Oh, and two of the three businesses involved (shape.fi and kevytkauppa.fi) indicate in their dom regs they reside at the same house (clearly not primarily a business location) at Tuulismäentie 23, 20360 Turku. A family that spams together stays together?

The spammer indicates he built an address list for which he isn’t willing to claim responsibility appropriately out of his own marketing file plus files purchased from Fonecta Profinder and the Little DruSpammer Boi’s Bisnesrekisteri.fi.


domain:   xtravaganza.fi
descr:    In Shape VIP Oy Ab
descr:    20114144
address:  Johan Åminne
address:  Knektvägen 1 A2
address:  68600
address:  Jakobstad
phone:    044-5412404
status:   Granted
created:  10.3.2006
modified: 26.1.2012
expires:  10.3.2015
nserver:  ns3.invid.se [Ok]
nserver:  ns.invid.se [Ok]
dnssec:   no

domain:   kevytkauppa.fi
descr:    Edlit Production Oy
descr:    23201710
address:  Johan Åminne
address:  Tuulismäentie 23
address:  20360
address:  Turku
phone:    0445454258
status:   Granted
created:  13.3.2012
modified: 13.3.2012
expires:  13.3.2015
nserver:  ns2.zoner.fi [Ok]
nserver:  ns1.zoner.fi [Ok]
dnssec:   no

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