Emaileri: Finland’s #1 Spam ESP

Emaileri, a product of Websonic Oy (biz reg, responsible people), fronted by CEO Toni Jalonen, appears to be hell bent on becoming Finland’s #1 spam ESP.

  • They seem to be deliberately allowing their customers to send to bad lists (of the purchased, harvested, dreamed up and the “it-fell-from-the-back-of-a-truck” kind).
  • They don’t respond to complaints. Not to mine, any more, anyway. 🙂
  • They don’t seem to pay much attention to a wholesale listing of and by Suomispam
  • And of course they are not showing or upholding anything resembling an acceptable use policy.

Only just today, their customer (Innoros Oy) hit several hundred spamtraps. Other poor performers are (Aller Media Oy) and (Suomalainen Kirjakauppa Oy). There are also lots of entities who have nothing to sell and no commercial incentive to spam, and others who do (such as valued customer programs) where it is clear that the lists have been collected from the address owners only, but are hitting spamtraps because of a complete lack of attention to the quality of mailing lists.

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