Marriage made in Hell: Emaileri and Suomen Asiakastieto

It was reported in Finnish news about a week ago that Suomen Asiakastieto Oyj has purchased Emaileri. Apparently this is important enough to be reported elsewhere, such as in Financial Times.

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Emaileri: Finland’s #1 Spam ESP

Emaileri, a product of Websonic Oy (biz reg, responsible people), fronted by CEO Toni Jalonen, appears to be hell bent on becoming Finland’s #1 spam ESP.

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Regus Management (Finland) Oy spamming

A relatively recently formed business, Regus Management (Finland) Oy (biz reg) is using spam to fictitious personal data to advertise their wares. The spam service provider is Emaileri, a Finnish ESP with a reputation for allowing spam.

Deltaline Oy / B2B spamming

Deltaline Oy d/b/a Mainospörssi ( is spamming to sell office accessories, business gifts and the like. The ESP is Websonic Oy d/b/a Emaileri, who actively promote using purchased lists for B2B spamming on their site.

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