Mainospörssi: Contaminating TeliaSonera outbounds with spam

Mainospörssi (Deltaline Oy, www, biz reg, responsible people) is spamming Finnish B2B with a list purchased from Suomen Asiakastieto Oy and contaminating the outbound of their ISP, TeliaSonera plc, with their spam.

TeliaSonera’s response 1 Aug: “We sent a complaint on the matter both to Mainospörssi and the list vendor.” As if that would result in anything. Spammers take warnings as free opportunities to continue doing what they were doing, and terminations as a necessary cost of business. The only thing a service provider can do is make a spammer the problem of anybody else but themselves.

At present, is listed by SpamCop.

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Deltaline Oy / B2B spamming

Deltaline Oy d/b/a Mainospörssi ( is spamming to sell office accessories, business gifts and the like. The ESP is Websonic Oy d/b/a Emaileri, who actively promote using purchased lists for B2B spamming on their site.

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