Noblemen, Purchased Lists and E-Pending: Intellia, a part of Suomen Asiakastieto Oy

A story of how a nobleman may have helped the fight against e-pending in Finland merely by existing and having his own biz.
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Snowshoe-like email verification and lead generation services

Many email verification and lead generation services act a lot like snowshoe spammers. They bounce around from host to host, hoping to avoid detection and suspicion caused by their unusual SMTP traffic.

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Regus Management (Finland) Oy spamming

A relatively recently formed business, Regus Management (Finland) Oy (biz reg) is using spam to fictitious personal data to advertise their wares. The spam service provider is Emaileri, a Finnish ESP with a reputation for allowing spam.

Ahern Associates: Emailing a Purchased or Email Appended List?

Transportation management consulting company Ahern & Associates, which provides expert advice on the trucking industry in the United States, is emailing weekly newsletters to several spamtraps. The ESP is Pinpointe.

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How are Fonecta’s address lists built?

In the Finnish version of the Why won’t you tell us what email address was spammed article, I surmise that e-pending is largely unknown in Finland.

I stand corrected.
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Arena Direkt: Win a BMW 528i! (To an E-Pended, Pure Spamtrap)

German advertising agency Arena Direkt GmbH is sending advertising emails to an email address that never existed, offering the chance to win a BMW 528i automobile. The email is in German, and the name that is used to address the owner of the email is a German name that was never associated with that email address, so this looks like an e-pended spamtrap. The ESP is Optivo, a highly rated German ESP whose terms and conditions do not permit the sending of unsolicited bulk email (spam).

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United Airlines: Deals on Plane Tickets! For a… Spamtrap

United Airlines, a major U.S. based airline with routes around the world, just sent a bulk email advertisement to an email address that never heard from it before. The spamtrap address was closed in 2004. Nonetheless, the email contains a name and a OnePass (United’s frequent flyer program) number or scrambled version of it in the header and a masked version in the message body. This suggests one of two possibilities: that United is emailing uncontacted email addresses after years of ignoring bounces and undeliverables, or possibly that United hired an e-append firm. The ESP is Responsys.

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(Resolved): Selling Water Purification to an E-Pended Spamtrap

This issue has been resolved. The blog remains posted because blogs shouldn’t disappear, to make sure that Google and other search engines and archives get the update, and in hopes that other people can learn something from it and the comments. 🙂

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Capital One: Offering a Credit Card to an E-Pended Spamtrap :/

Capital One, a bank with an aggressively-advertised credit card program, just sent a bulk email advertisement to a spamtrap that has never heard from Capital One before. Worse, the email uses a name that was never associated with that email address when it was live. So how did Capital One acquire that name and email address combination? One spamtrap hit isn’t conclusive, but this smells very much like a bad e-pend to me. The ESP is Epsilon Interactive, via its subsidiary Bigfoot Interactive.

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Moritz Cadillac: I Didn’t Know Spamtraps Owned Cars….

Moritz Cadillac, an auto dealership in Arlington, Texas, is sending bulk email to an email address that closed in 2005. The ESP is ExactTarget.

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