Regus Management (Finland) Oy spamming

A relatively recently formed business, Regus Management (Finland) Oy (biz reg) is using spam to fictitious personal data to advertise their wares. The spam service provider is Emaileri, a Finnish ESP with a reputation for allowing spam.

2 Responses to Regus Management (Finland) Oy spamming

  1. In response to a complaint, Regus hastily drafted up a Description of Personal Data File (dated 30 Nov 2014 on their own web server; postdates the use of the register, implying violation of Sections 36-37 of the Personal Data Act). It indicates that their sole source of information is Fonecta, who claim to have ceased selling addresses for spamming. Interesting!

  2. More of the same just in today. Still citing Fonecta as the sole source of their personal information.

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