Marriage made in Hell: Emaileri and Suomen Asiakastieto

It was reported in Finnish news about a week ago that Suomen Asiakastieto Oyj has purchased Emaileri. Apparently this is important enough to be reported elsewhere, such as in Financial Times.

For those who don’t know:

  • Asiakastieto is Finland’s #1 vendor of B2B spam lists
  • Last year, Asiakastieto purchased Intellia, another company involved not only in B2B spam list sales but e-pending and generating email addresses for spamming out of thin air
  • Emaileri is Finland’s #1 spam ESP who have allowed their customers to spam purchased B2B lists for years

So, all signs are pointing to much more B2B spam arising from this joining of forces.

One Response to Marriage made in Hell: Emaileri and Suomen Asiakastieto

  1. Elsewhere, one of the world’s largest ESPs is owned by a company that also owns another company selling address lists. Only the deliverability guys at the ESP tell their customers to go pound sand if so much as the name of the other arm of the company is mentioned…

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