July 2016 in Spamtraps: ESPs

ESP mail seen in spamtraps July 2016

ESP mail seen in spamtraps July 2016

The theme of this month’s post is “Rospaden”

The flag of the fictitious state of Rospaden

The percentage of ESP sent mail vs all mail seen in the spamtraps is back to rather more modest levels, 1.3%. The amount of ESP mail was 10% lower than last month, and the total amount of mail was back to normal levels (up 60% from last month!).

We have a new contestant; a Spanish hosting/mail service provider, ConsultorPC, who have managed to attract the attention of “Levente Bartha”, apparently of “VIP Media Limited”, in Bucharest, Romania, who target Swedes rather exclusively; hence; Rospaden, Romania, Spain and Sweden.

0 All others 45.3%
1 SalesForce Marketing Cloud 9.0% ExactTarget Kohls (5.2%)(
2 SendGrid 8.7% booking.com (~5%)
3 MailChimp 6.0% 92% MC proper, 8% Mandrill (being phased out) goldenscent.com (~1%)
4 Experian 6.0% Target (~9%)
5 ConsultorPC 5.6% VIP Media Limited, Bucharest, Romania (>99%)
6 Amazon SES 3.9% 7dayshop.com (~8%)
7 Constant Contact 3.9% (only marginally below Amazon SES) Advisor Perspectives (still at 36%)
8 Oracle Marketing Cloud 3.6% Responsys, Eloqua and RightNow Nordstrom (~13%)
9 IBM Marketing Cloud 3.5% Silverpop The DCCC (on the up, >13%) with Hillary Clinton tagging only slightly behind
10 Rackspace Mailgun 3.1% millionaire-blueprint.com (~10%)

Bubbling under: Benchmark Email (1.6%), Maropost, Diennea, SailThru, Mail Minion (another soon-to-be non-ESP), all at slightly above 1.3%.

Here’s the “relative badness” graph, with a new outlier to make it totally unreadable… 🙁

Amount of messages per separate customer of ESP, July 2016

Amount of messages per separate customer of ESP, July 2016

Hans Jul Larsen of MySMTP.eu should not get too comfortable; looking at the snowshoe domain names of his customers, I suspect that it would be more appropriate to consider MySMTP.eu to have maybe a dozen customers, which would place them neatly on the same level with ConsultorPC what with their one heavily spamming customer.

Finally, the “top spamming customers” table.

1 VIP Media Limited, Bucharest, Romania ConsultorPC >99% 5.6%
2 Advisor Perspectives Constant Contact 36% 1.4%
3 Target Experian 9% 0.5%
4 Kohls SalesForce 5.2% 0.5%
5 Nordstrom Oracle Marketing Cloud 12.6% 0.4%

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