March 2017 in Spamtraps: ESPs

ESP mail seen in spamtraps, March 2017

ESP mail seen in spamtraps, March 2017

The percentage of ESP sent mail vs all mail seen in the spamtraps is 3.0%, which continues to be quite large. The amount of ESP mail is up 15% from last month, of all mail, 29%.

The Nordic (Finnish, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian) porn/dating spammers have found ConsultorPC this month, so they’re making an appearance at #4. This ESP essentially does not exist for the purpose of this blog – except when it has an infestation, like it last did in July 2016.

AWeber continues providing services to what looks like the same make-money-fast schemes as previous months – you would think they would have gained religion by now.

Other than that, the top ten is made up of the usual suspects.

Bubbling under this month: Mapp Digital (2.5%), only ever so slightly behind IBM Marketing Cloud.

0 All others 40.0%
1 SalesForce Marketing Cloud 10.6% ExactTarget Kohls (2.5%)
2 SendGrid 10.3% (4.9%)
3 MailChimp 7.2% (6.1% Mandrill) Limbino (.com,, .se, .nu) (2.6%)
4 ConsultorPC 6.8%,, (>97%)
5 Experian 6.5% Target (8%)
6 Constant Contact 4.4% Advisor Perspectives (47%)
7 Amazon SES 3.5% (6.4%)
8 Oracle Marketing Cloud 3.2% Responsys, Eloqua and RightNow Nordstrom (11%)
9 AWeber 2.6% Various make-money-fast spammers (top 5 amounting to slightly less than 40%)
10 IBM Marketing Cloud 2.5% The DCCC (9%)

Here’s the “relative badness” graph, with ConsultorPC’s single bad actor taking them to the top even over Digital Metrics.

Zeta Interactive should take a look at Dick’s Sporting Goods, Inc.

MailMinion are still sending. With a total Spamhaus listing for MailMinion having been there for soon three quarters, it’s quite amazing that they still bother.

French ESP Edatis are spewing… à ouest, rien de nouveau.

Sailthru’s consistent high position on this chart is due to a relatively small number of customers who are banging the living daylights out of email addresses that never existed.

Average amount of messages per separate customer of ESP, March 2017

Average amount of messages per separate customer of ESP, March 2017

Finally, the “top spamming customers” table.

1,, ConsultorPC Over 97% 4.2%
2 Advisor Perspectives Constant Contact 47% 2.1%
2 Dick’s Sporting Goods, Inc. Zeta Interactive 59% 1%
3 Target Experian 8% 0.5%
4 Zillow Message Systems (SparkPost) 54% 0.5%

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