July 2017 in Spamtraps: ESPs

ESP mail seen in spamtraps, July 2017

ESP mail seen in spamtraps, July 2017

Better late than never?

The percentage of ESP sent mail vs all mail seen in the spamtraps was 3.2%, which was up 24% from June. The amount of all mail was down 28%. There are no surprises in the top 10 participant list, but the gap between MailChimp and the other two top contestants is growing in a rather favourable direction for MC, and at the same time, SendGrid’s participation is going in a bad direction. My Virtual Fleet is still spewing, but there was a new top contestant, who was using the very inventive “no-reply.net” as their sending domain – I am really quite surprised that this would even have been allowed. And of course, the content of those mails, which came only on July 9 and 10, were bank phishing against BB&T.

Bubbling under the top 10 this month: Sparkpost (1.8%), Sailthru (1.7%), Mapp Digital (1.5%).

0 All others 44.9%
1 SendGrid 12.3% BB&T phisher (10.5%)
2 SalesForce Marketing Cloud 10.2% ExactTarget Kohls (9.6%)
3 MailChimp 6.5% (7.7% Mandrill) eccp.com European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (1.2%)
4 Experian 6.1% Walgreens (7.7%)
5 Constant Contact 4.0% Advisor Perspectives (46%)
6 Oracle Marketing Cloud 3.8% Responsys, Eloqua and RightNow Nordstrom (12%)
7 Amazon SES 3.5% teaparty.org (6.3%)
8 Mailgun 2.8% Anonymous Wix subscriber with several empty websites (leanbeas.com, tooshops.com, beesfirst.com, bescommerce.com, cuponiess.com) (25%)
9 Epsilon 2.2% DICK’S Sporting Goods (33%)
10 IBM Marketing Cloud 2.1% Silverpop Menards (9.4%)

Here’s the “relative badness” graph.

Average amount of messages per separate customer of ESP, July 2017

Average amount of messages per separate customer of ESP, July 2017

Finally, the “top spamming customers” table.

1 Advisor Perspectives Constant Contact 46% 1.8%
2 BB&T phisher SendGrid 10.5% 1.3%
3 Zillow Message Systems (SparkPost) 61% 1.1%
4 Kohls Salesforce Marketing Cloud 9.6% 1.0%
5 My Virtual Fleet SendGrid 6.8% 0.8%

3 Responses to July 2017 in Spamtraps: ESPs

  1. Did the BB&T phisher get terminated by SendGrid?

    • Hello,

      This is Ryan Harris, manager of Compliance with SendGrid. The BB&T phisher exposed a loophole in our system that we applied defenses towards. Reviewing current metrics and logs, this phishing group has not attempted an attack through us again. Or if they have our defenses have stopped them from abusive activity.


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