November 2016 in Spamtraps: ESPs

ESP mail seen in spamtraps November 2016

ESP mail seen in spamtraps November 2016

The theme of this month’s post is Dyn. There were indications last month that they were up’n’coming, but I wasn’t quite expecting them to make #1, definitely not with a 50% lead over the next contestant.

The percentage of ESP sent mail vs all mail seen in the spamtraps is 2.3%. The amount of ESP mail was up 16% from last month, with the total amount of mail up 43% from last month.

The top ten this month consists of the usual suspects aside from the surprise winner, with Benchmark Email having cleaned up and dropped out altogether.

0 All others 36.2%
1 Dyn 14.7% Erotika-[colour].com (96%)
2 SalesForce Marketing Cloud 9.7% ExactTarget (4%)
3 SendGrid 8.4% (6%)
4 Experian 7% Target (7.4%)
5 MailChimp 6.1% 7% Mandrill, 93% MC proper (1.5%)
6 Oracle Marketing Cloud 3.6% Responsys, Eloqua and RightNow Nordstrom (9%)
7 Amazon SES 3.54% (19%)
8 Constant Contact 3.47% Advisor Perspectives (41%)
9 Rackspace Mailgun 3.1% (anonymous Scandinavian-targeting “adult dating” affiliate spammers; “” last month)
10 IBM Marketing Cloud 2.1% Silverpop, Unica (7.5%)

Bubbling under: AWeber (2.0%), Blue Hornet (1.8%).

Here’s the “relative badness” graph. It’s completely skewed because of Dyn, and of course Digital Metrics is doing their usual bit.

As with last month, the Danish operation MySMTP (#1 in June 2015) only appears in the middle because of the methodology (taking each separate sender domain name as evidence of a separate customer); looking at the domain names involved, it still looks more like a snowshoe spammer than an ESP, and the founder, who does not wish to be linked to on LinkedIn, seems very reluctant to terminate obvious spammers even when reported to them.

Hi Atro, could you please remove the direct link to my Linked IN profile.
What is your interest to go for a small company compared to the big US sending a lot more stuff than we do. And we actually do close down those senders you mark as what you call spam. Snow shoeing ? no, its not illegal to send a unique campaign with a unique domain. Companies do this.

Average amount of messages per separate customer of ESP, November 2016

Average amount of messages per separate customer of ESP, November 2016

Finally, the “top spamming customers” table.

1 erotika-[colour].com (anonymous Scandinavian-targeting “adult dating” affiliate spammers) Dyn 96% 14.1%
2 (anonymous Scandinavian-targeting “adult dating” affiliate spammers formerly known as Rackspace Mailgun 52% 1.6%
3 Advisor Perspectives Constant Contact 40% 1.4%
4 Brenda Watson Blue Hornet 46% 0.8%
5 Amazon SES 19% 0.7%

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