Sliding window – August to October 2020 in Spamtraps: ESPs

This follows the earlier July to September post – the trends continue to be more important than the spot figures. The percentage of ESP spam of all mail was 9.7% in October.

Figure 1. Percentages of various ESPs of the total catch identified
as having been sent by any ESP, August to October 2020

As the chart shows, SendGrid’s problems were anything but over, they only got even worse compared to September. There is a silver lining to this cloud however, next month it will finally look more normal – over 75% of what SendGrid sent to us in October was from Spotify (compared to “only” 60% in September), and a little over a week go that specific stream has gone down to its old normal of a few mails per day.

Aside from Spotify, SendGrid’s other noteworthy customers were Uber and a Spanish unknown called

It’s election day in the United States today, and predictably, the spam drive leading up to the election has been noticeable too. showed up (though not very loud) on SendGrid, was Salesforce’s number one with 7.5% of the total and a 2.4x lead over the next contestant.

Looking forward to much less news to report at the end of November 😃

Finally, a graph from ST:TNG for the same period.

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