Broderbund: Why Confirming Subscriptions is Worthwhile

Several months after I first posted about spam from Broderbund, the company is still regularly sending bulk email advertisements to the same email address as before. Careful examination of the spamtrap indicates that it was probably never a valid email address. It receives no other email except botnet and other criminal types of spam, and the logon portion of the email address shows up regularly in dictionary attacks. The ESP is ExactTarget.

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Broderbund: Selling Software to a Spamtrap?

U.S. software maker Broderbund is sending bulk email to an email address that was closed in 2007. The spam to this email address started up two or three weeks ago; it had not previously received email from Broderbund either directly or via an ESP since it completed its timeout period and was reactivated in 2009. The ESP is ExactTarget.

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