Cabelas: One Year and an ESP Move Later, Hitting the Same Spamtrap

Outdoor goods retailer and outfitter Cabelas, about whom I first blogged in January, just sent a bulk email to the same spamtrap after a hiatus of several months. Previously Cabelas handled its own bulk email. It has now moved its bulk email operation to ESP ExactTarget.

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Cabelas: Asking a Dead Email Address to Rate Purchases

Cabelas, a U.S.-based outdoor supplies retailer, is sending bulk email to an email address that was just re-enabled after passing its twelve-month timeout period. Assuming that the previous owner of this email address had signed up to receive Cabelas email, Cabelas ignored twelve months of 500-level SMTP rejections and continued to email this email address. That’s right — Cabelas is asking a customer whose email bounced for at least a year to rate his (or her) satisfaction with his purchases. As people say on Twitter, #LAME.

Unlike most companies that send bulk email, Cabelas does not appear to use an ESP; this email was sent from their own IPs.

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