A Rather Disturbing Spam and Reminder From Childhood

Today I received a spam at one of my personal email addresses with the subject Public Records Report For, followed by a name that was decidedly not mine. I’m glad for that; had it been my name, I would have wondered just what else this sender knew about me or was telling others about me. 🙁 The sender was an entity named Archives.com, which I had never heard of previously but whose web site is amazingly similar to that of the much-better-known Ancestry.com. The ESP was EmailLabs (also known of as Lyris, Sparklist, and Uptilt).

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Las Malvinas Electro: Electronic Goods for Spamtraps

Argentinian electronics retailer Las Malvinas Electro just sent bulk email for the first time to an email address that has been closed for years, if it was ever active at all. The domain is active, and belongs to an American who does not speak Spanish and has no connection to Argentina or anywhere in South America. The ESP is Lyris, also known of as Uptilt and Emaillabs.

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