Pastelli: Selling domestic kitchen and bathroom renovation to B2B spamtraps

Unfortunately it’s not an April Fool’s joke.

Pastelli Oy (www, biz reg) has been at it for a long time, my personal collection goes back at least a year.

Pastelli’s spam service provider is Scion Systems Oy (www, biz reg, spam service page). This business doesn’t bother informing the world of any Terms of Service, so supposedly spamming and the use of purchased lists are all just fine. They also offer the possibility of spamming their own B2B list.

I tried to inform the spam service provider about the previous incident (also involving a renovation company) in December 2012, but not having heard of RFC 2142, they don’t have an abuse@. Didn’t bother any further.

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Rustholli Remontit: Offering renovation projects to spamtraps

Rustholli Remontit Oy (www, biz reg) is spamming to offer renovation projects.  Rustholli Remontit Oy continues the business of the now-bankrupt RuRe Oy (ex Rustholli Remontit Oy) (old biz reg, bankrupt estate biz reg).  The ESP is, Mansoft tietotekniikka Oy, who don’t see it appropriate to publish an Acceptable Use Policy at all.  Rustholli have been spamming through at least since March 2012.

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