Topps: Three Time Loosers

That settles it. There is no intelligent life left at Topps. A month after their first mention on the MainSleaze blog and weeks after an SBL listing for their spam, they are *still* spamming. Topps is spamming from its own IPs. If they’d been using an ESP, after the SBL listing the mailings would have stopped at least until they could clean their list and convince Spamhaus to give them another chance.

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Topps: Still Spamming Despite Earlier Blog *AND* SBL Listing :(

Topps, the famed chewing gum and baseball card purveyors whom I blogged about for spamming two weeks ago, spammed again on Thursday of last week. This is despite the original blog and an (unrelated, of course) Spamhaus SBL listing for the first spam. Topps is mailing from its own IPs; no ESP is involved. That might explain the sheer stupidity of continuing to send bulk email to lists that they *know* contain a bunch of spamtraps, including apparently some that belong to Spamhaus.

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Topps: Spamming Purchased Lists

Apparently the online store for Topps, the famed chewing gum and baseball cards company, wants spamtraps to buy their products. Or so I would surmise after over two dozen spamtraps at several spamtrap domains received their latest advertisement. Unusually for mainsleaze spam, these advertisement emails were sent directly from Topps’ own IPs.

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