and Vistaprint

There really is nothing special to report.  It’s Vistaprint spam as usual. The ESP has been informed after Vistaprint spammed my business’ web page address with this in the end of June, to zero effect. I really don’t know of a reason to accept any more mail from this block, except to collect spam evidence, of course.

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Vistaprint in cahoots with Fonecta

Vistaprint are spamming, as always. Fonecta (specifically their Kontaktikone branch) are helping, as always. The addresses so targeted are severely outdated, as always. Nothing new under the sun. A marriage made in heaven, or in Hell, whichever you prefer.

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(RESOLVED – as far as Relation & Brand goes) Vistaprint: spamming outdated and erroneous personal addresses

One of the many parties who spam the ten year old boxes are Vistaprint, whom I have discussed here before. The ESP is Relation & Brand, a Swedish operator.

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