MarketingOffice Romania in cahoots with Vistaprint

An anonymous party appearing as is spamming on behalf of Vistaprint. Given the .pro registration, it looks like this is a Romanian party. It may be something closer to home, too.

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These spams have been seen in addresses found in emaildump.txt, the Finnish equivalent of the Millions CD and the bestest address source around. Others have spotted it before me.

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There really is nothing special to report.  It’s Vistaprint spam as usual. The ESP has been informed after Vistaprint spammed my business’ web page address with this in the end of June, to zero effect. I really don’t know of a reason to accept any more mail from this block, except to collect spam evidence, of course.

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Keltainen Pörssi, iSteer, and… Vistaprint

This one needs no introduction, all of the parties are familiar from other posts on this site.

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VistaPrint: “Everything Must Go”?

Vistaprint, which should need no introduction to anybody who hasn’t been hiding in the woods for the past decade and has email, just sent spam to a spamtrap that cannot have been live after 2006. The ESP is Cheetahmail, a subsidiary of Experian.

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Vistaprint in cahoots with Fonecta

Vistaprint are spamming, as always. Fonecta (specifically their Kontaktikone branch) are helping, as always. The addresses so targeted are severely outdated, as always. Nothing new under the sun. A marriage made in heaven, or in Hell, whichever you prefer.

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(RESOLVED – as far as Relation & Brand goes) Vistaprint: spamming outdated and erroneous personal addresses

One of the many parties who spam the ten year old boxes are Vistaprint, whom I have discussed here before. The ESP is Relation & Brand, a Swedish operator.

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Vistaprint: it’s not a company, it’s a remorseless spamming machine

I mentioned them here about a month ago. They have yet another spam^Wemail service provider, and it’s business as usual at Vistaprint: spam, even after the recipient has opted out. That’s illegal spam, in case you didn’t know.

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Vistaprint: Out and out spammers

It was only yesterday that I mentioned Vistaprint here in passing. And it is only today that they prove it once again that they do not respect opt out and neither does their ESP.

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