Blancoa Oy / Selling office space to spamtraps

Blancoa Oy (www, biz reg, responsible people) is spamming to sell temporary office space to spamtraps. This is not surprising because one of the people (possibly the only person) behind this is Janne Laitinen, also known under the business aliases “” and “Suunnittelutoimisto Jotain…”. What is surprising is that the ESP is MailChimp, who have been informed.

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On using purchased lists

I recently googled the words can I use a purchased email list and just had to share MailChimp‘s brilliant take on the topic. Yeah, I know it’s pretty old and predates this log by a year or three. Looking at the Finnish B2B spam my traps receive, practically all of which is sent to lists sold by the so-called reputable players Fonecta, Eniro, Asiakastieto, JM Tieto, and of course the drive-by-night yahoos such as Suomen Markkinointirekisteri Oy, Digimediatoimisto Haikuu (“Haiku”), aka Lateralus Enterprise d/b/a Tavoite Media whose primus motor objects to being named and has enlisted the help of the Data Protection Ombudsman’s office to have his name stricken from this post, and aka Suunnittelutoimisto Jotain… aka Janne Laitinen, I felt compelled to mention this – if only so that (at least any responsible international) ESPs reading this would know that if their Finnish customers mention any of the above in their mails, they’re using a purchased list.

(RESOLVED) Tiimore Promotion Oy: Selling business gifts to spamtraps

Tiimore Promotion Oy ( wants to sell business gifts to spamtraps. The spam was seen at the same spamtraps as the Designfair one, so it seems possible that the address source is the same, too. Apparently somebody is selling the emaildump.txt (Finnish equivalent of the Millions CD – a 11MB collection of leaked Finnish email addresses published in November 2011) as a legitimate B2C marketing register. The ESP is Koodiviidakko Oy.

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(RESOLVED) Turbogear Oy ( Spamming the “B2B” list of

Turbogear Oy ( wants to sell swimwear via spamming.

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Suunnittelutoimisto Jotain… aka Still illegally spamming for spamming services

Following the reception of more of exactly the same, this is just a recap of the previous post.

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Suunnittelutoimisto Jotain…: Illegally spamming for spamming services

Suunnittelutoimisto Jotain…, aka, whom I have mentioned in passing here already, is spamming. (In other news, water is wet.) I’m really hard pressed to call this mainsleaze, but granted: it is sent by an entity that is readily identifiable from the message, it’s not botspam, and it’s not snowshoe spam, and it advertises services provided by the same entity that sent the message. So what else remains to call it but mainsleaze?

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Vistaprint: it’s not a company, it’s a remorseless spamming machine

I mentioned them here about a month ago. They have yet another spam^Wemail service provider, and it’s business as usual at Vistaprint: spam, even after the recipient has opted out. That’s illegal spam, in case you didn’t know.

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