On using purchased lists

I recently googled the words can I use a purchased email list and just had to share MailChimp‘s brilliant take on the topic. Yeah, I know it’s pretty old and predates this log by a year or three. Looking at the Finnish B2B spam my traps receive, practically all of which is sent to lists sold by the so-called reputable players Fonecta, Eniro, Asiakastieto, JM Tieto, and of course the drive-by-night yahoos such as Suomen Markkinointirekisteri Oy, Digimediatoimisto Haikuu (“Haiku”), Bisnesrekisteri.com aka Lateralus Enterprise d/b/a Tavoite Media whose primus motor objects to being named and has enlisted the help of the Data Protection Ombudsman’s office to have his name stricken from this post, and Yrityspostia.fi aka Suunnittelutoimisto Jotain… aka Janne Laitinen, I felt compelled to mention this – if only so that (at least any responsible international) ESPs reading this would know that if their Finnish customers mention any of the above in their mails, they’re using a purchased list.

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  1. I love the way an article like the Mailchimp one really brings out the people who start asking “But I’ve bought a list and now I want to send to it…why can’t I do that? without any concept of why they really, really shouldn’t.

  2. This post was edited to omit explicit references to the name of a spammer who objects to being named and sent the Data Protection Ombudsman to do his bidding.

  3. This post was edited to include Haiku.

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