eSoft – Verkkokauppa (Tmi Erno Tiepuoli): Spamming to sell electronic gadgets

eSoft Online Shop, a personal d/b/a of Erno Tiepuoli (www, biz reg) is spamming to sell electronic gadgets. The ESP is Elastic Email, whose terms of service do not allow the sending of spam, or the use of purchased lists, and specifically make reference to Spamhaus’ definition of spam.  I’ve notified Elastic Email (by email to about this spammer no later than Nov 22, 2012, but haven’t heard back from them, and the spammer is still busy spamming.  The address source is Eniro, which is another d/b/a of Fonecta.  In other words, it’s a purchased list.

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On using purchased lists

I recently googled the words can I use a purchased email list and just had to share MailChimp‘s brilliant take on the topic. Yeah, I know it’s pretty old and predates this log by a year or three. Looking at the Finnish B2B spam my traps receive, practically all of which is sent to lists sold by the so-called reputable players Fonecta, Eniro, Asiakastieto, JM Tieto, and of course the drive-by-night yahoos such as Suomen Markkinointirekisteri Oy, Digimediatoimisto Haikuu (“Haiku”), aka Lateralus Enterprise d/b/a Tavoite Media whose primus motor objects to being named and has enlisted the help of the Data Protection Ombudsman’s office to have his name stricken from this post, and aka Suunnittelutoimisto Jotain… aka Janne Laitinen, I felt compelled to mention this – if only so that (at least any responsible international) ESPs reading this would know that if their Finnish customers mention any of the above in their mails, they’re using a purchased list.

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