Vocus Pt. II : Vocus on Vocus

[See Pt. I here :  Vocus & PRWeb, wherein they re-use a very old list]

I thought I had an understanding with Vocus.com after the November 06 incident. Accidents never happen, in a perfect world. This world isn’t perfect, apparently.

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Vocus Pt. I, wherein PRWeb re-use a very old list

Way back in 2008 or so I briefly had an account at PRWeb, and in 2009 I unsubscribed. Imagine  my surprise when I received the following on November 06, 2013. I complained to the ESP, Vocus, and I was told they were handling it. I was then informed by IP-holder Eloqua that Vocus had unsubscribed me, but I was not given any information about how my address was added to this list nor why I was spammed.

See Pt. II – this gets even better!


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