Vocus Pt. II : Vocus on Vocus

[See Pt. I here :  Vocus & PRWeb, wherein they re-use a very old list]

I thought I had an understanding with Vocus.com after the November 06 incident. Accidents never happen, in a perfect world. This world isn’t perfect, apparently.

Hot Vocus on Vocus action! November 07, 2013 brought this gem, to an address given to PRWeb, but never to Vocus, still unexplained two weeks hence by the Vocus.com ‘deliverability’ team.



This email was rife with Eloqua.com tracking links. That isn’t surprising, nor wrong, but is worthy of mention, because, like the last email, it came from Eloqua IP-space that Vocus uses. Indeed, Vocus used their customer-allocated IP for PRWeb to spam me.

Received: from mail01.prsoftware.vocus.com (mail01.prsoftware.vocus.com []) by smtp.abuse.net ([]) with ESMTP via TCP port 26650/25 id 542796719; 07 Nov 2013 22:42:54 -0000

Here’s a Last Minute Holiday Marketing Idea for Vocus: Don’t spam spamfighters.



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