Effortia Oy still happily spamming away via YourMailingListProvider

Effortia Oy, an old acquaintance here, continues to spam Finnish B2B via ymlp.net / Your Mailing List Provider. YMLP is turning a deaf ear to complaints sent via email and their website. The spam-advertised websites are hosted by Hostingpalvelu.fi.

I see increasing deliverability problems for

     Received: from smtp.ymlp15.net (smtp.ymlp15.net [])
     Received: from smtp5.ymlpserver.net (smtp5.ymlpserver.net [])
     Received: from smtp24.ymlpsrv.net (smtp24.ymlpsrv.net [])

in the future.

The Cloud Institute: Marketing Sustainability Education Unsustainably

The Cloud Institute for Sustainability Education, a non-profit organization that promotes “education for sustainability” in K-12 classrooms, has sent unsolicited bulk email to a third-party list. The email addresses on that list were originally scraped from other non-profit organization web sites of all kinds, including many whose focus was completely unrelated to what the Cloud Institute does and promotes. The ESP is Your Mailing List Provider (YMLP), a smaller mostly self-service ESP with very little tolerance for spam.

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Dr. Rich Pfeiffer/Growth Central: Asking Permission — Finally! :-)

Dr. Rich Pfeiffer at Growth Central, a specialist in anger management training who offers classes and workshops, has sent a permission pass to his spamtrap-laden list. The permission pass was sent by ESP ExactTarget. Responses are directed to a URL at a different ESP, Streamsend.

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