Dr. Rich Pfeiffer/Growth Central: Asking Permission — Finally! :-)

Dr. Rich Pfeiffer at Growth Central, a specialist in anger management training who offers classes and workshops, has sent a permission pass to his spamtrap-laden list. The permission pass was sent by ESP ExactTarget. Responses are directed to a URL at a different ESP, Streamsend.

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Sheldon Container: Reconfirming an Outdated List! :) :) :) :) :)

Sheldon Container, a Houston, Texas company that sells industrial packing supplies, today hit my spamtraps, not with spam, but with a genuine, opt-in permission pass. A sample is below. The ESP is IContact.

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Rather Good Blog on “Re-Engagement Strategy”

A few years ago an antispammer I know emailed me a link to a blog by an ESP representative, D. J. Waldow at ESP Bronto Marketing. In his blog, Waldow comments on something called “re-engagement strategy” at a web-based online mall, Shop.org. I think Waldow has since left Bronto, but the blog is still there. I’m normally a bit allergic to marketing-speak, but this blog is good and is still worthy of attention. Read it here:

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