Weight Watchers: Offering Easter Recipe Tips to a Spamtrap

Weight Watchers, a decades-old U.S.-based organization that helps those who want to loose weight, just started sending bulk email newsletters to a spamtrap email address that has never heard from the organization before. The email address in question, when live, was a role address for a small company, not a personal address. The email address does not appear likely to be the result of a typo. So I am wondering how it came to be on Weight Watchers’ list? The ESP is Epsilon Interactive, via its subsidiary Bigfoot Interactive.

Sending IP:

Spam Sample:

Actual Headers:

Received: from mta.info.weightwatchers.com (mta.info.weightwatchers.com [])
        by <xxx> (Postfix) with ESMTP id <xxx>
        for <xxx>; Mon,  2 Apr 2012 03:xx:xx <xxx>
DomainKey-Signature: <xxx>
Received: from [10.21.xx.xx] ([10.21.xx.xx:xx] helo=<xxx>)
        by <xxx> (envelope-from <weightwatchers-<xxx>@info.weightwatchers.com>)
        (ecelerity r(34222M)) with ESMTP
        id <xxx>; Mon, 02 Apr 2012 04:xx:xx <xxx>
Date: Mon, 02 Apr 2012 04:xx:xx <xxx>
Message-Id: <Kilauea201969-175610-250044923-1-1009@flonetwork.com>
X-DMHA-ID-Packet: <xxx>
From: "WeightWatchers.com" <weightwatchers@info.weightwatchers.com>
Reply-To: "WeightWatchers.com" <weightwatchers-<xxx>@info.weightwatchers.com>
To: <xxx>
Subject: Passover & Easter Main Dishes | Holiday Desserts
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: text/html; charset="utf-8"
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit

Readable Email:

From: WeightWatchers.com <weightwatchers@info.weightwatchers.com>
To: <spamtrap>
Subject: Passover & Easter Main Dishes | Holiday Desserts
Reply-To: WeightWatchers.com <weightwatchers-<xxx>@info.weightwatchers.com>

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One Response to Weight Watchers: Offering Easter Recipe Tips to a Spamtrap

  1. About six weeks later, the spam continues to arrive with monotonous regularity to this poor, overweight spamtrap, which so desperately needs Weight Watcher’s help. <wry grin> A bit of research in the anti-spammer community indicates that my spamtrap is not the only one that started to receive email out of the blue one day. Weight Watchers is hitting quite a few spamtraps.

    Weight Watchers is already blocked at some companies and ISPs because of their poor email acquisition practices and consequent spamming. If they do not clean up their act, they risk more serious consequences, including a listing in a major blacklist. They would be wise to take warning and change how they manage their email marketing before something of this sort happens.

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