Plan Finland spamming to solicit donations

Plan Suomi Säätiö (Plan Finland Foundation, our local branch of Plan International, www, biz reg) has resorted to illegal spamming to solicit donations. None coming from here, no support for spammers.
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Regus Management (Finland) Oy spamming

A relatively recently formed business, Regus Management (Finland) Oy (biz reg) is using spam to fictitious personal data to advertise their wares. The spam service provider is Emaileri, a Finnish ESP with a reputation for allowing spam.

Walmart Brazil: Spamming from Microsoft CloudApp IPs

The Brazil division of US-based retailing giant Walmart is spamming purchased or email appended lists from Microsoft’s CloudApp service. Walmart Brazil (as opposed to Walmart itself) has a long record of spamming dirty purchased lists. Walmart has dropped the ball enforcing minimally acceptable email marketing standards on its badly-behaved subsidiary.

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Estonian spammer Urmo Mark whining

Took me almost a year to notice

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Regarding responsibilities in affiliate marketing

Quite some time back, the Data Protection Ombudsman in Finland has issued a position paper on affiliate marketing and the division of responsibilities therein. The document is naturally in Finnish only. The core message is following the money; holding the owners of the advertised products and services responsible for the processing of personal data in such situations. This is nice when (as so often happens) the affiliate marketers violate all laws on the books, remaining anonymous, not including anything on the file of personal data they use, spamming, etc.

The Democratic Governors Assocation: Spamming

The Democratic Governors Association (DGA), an arm of the U.S. Democratic political party whose goal is to elect Democrats as governors of U.S. States, is spamming heavily on behalf of political campaigns across the country. Their ESP is Silverpop, currently owned by IBM.

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Paragon Software: Suddenly Emailing Spamtraps

Paragon Software Group, which sells a superb set of hard disk management utilities that I have used for many years, has unfortunately hired an email marketer, presumably in hopes of improving sales. The email marketer is currently emailing email addresses that have not been live in more than ten years. There is no ESP involved; Paragon is sending this email from their own IPs at Demos Internet in the Russian Federation.

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Shellshock Restrictions Lifted: Comments Allowed

It looks like WordPress and our security software have done whatever testing and updates are necessary to prevent shellshock compromises to WordPress, so comments are again enabled on this site.

Temporary Shellshock Restrictions

I have turned off comments on this blog for the present till the new Shellshock vulnerability is completely assessed and thoroughly patched. WordPress is based on PHP, and uses shell calls. I don’t know that WordPress comments are vulnerable to exploitation of this bug, but until I’m sure we won’t take that chance. Thank you for your patience!

Regus Finland still spamming

Regus still spamming, still through Edatis, still using purchased lists.

Spamming IP:
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