Pulse.ng: Spamming Purchased or Email Appended Lists

Nigerian tabloid site Pulse.ng has been emailing over 100 of my spamtraps daily for months. Enough of the spamtraps are pristine spamtraps that they must have purchased a list or hired an email appender. (Unless they scraped the list themselves, no other explanation makes sense.) Their ESP is EMarSys.

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Emaileri: Finland’s #1 Spam ESP

Emaileri, a product of Websonic Oy (biz reg, responsible people), fronted by CEO Toni Jalonen, appears to be hell bent on becoming Finland’s #1 spam ESP.

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March 2015 in spamtraps: ESPs

Just a quick table this time, no beautiful graphs.

The percentage of mail identified as having been sent by ESPs out of the total spamtrap hits in March was less than half a percent.

Rating Percentage Participant
0 41.2% All other ESPs we’ve identified, combined
1 11.5% ExactTarget
2 9.7% MailChimp (roughly 75%/25% MC/Mandrill)
3 9.6% SendGrid
4 6.8% Topica
5 4.6% CheetahMail
6 3.5% Constant Contact
7 3.5% Amazon SES
8 2.6% Emarsys
9 2.4% Apsis
10 2.3% Divided between SilverPop and SMTP.fr


Scaevola Oy: New Finnish B2B spammer

Scaevola Oy (www, biz reg, responsible persons, d/b/a Lindenleaf, which is the English translation of the surname of the owner, Heikki Lehmuslehti) has entered the Finnish B2B spam field with a spam that was sent to addresses harvested from HTML comments on websites.
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February 2015 in spamtraps: ESPs

I don’t mean to make this a monthly occurrence, but I figured I’d put it together just out of interest and as a comparison to last month.
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January 2015 ESP Spam: Some Notes….

I see that Atro Tossavainen graphed the spam that we saw in January. Atro and I manage a substantial spamtrap collection together, so I have seen what he posted about. Nothing there surprised me except the hugely disproportionate amount of spam Topica sends to our spamtraps. I’ve blogged twice about Topica, and in the last blog recommended blocking their /22 because of the amounts of spam and probability that little or no non-spam email is sent from them any more. However, I did not realize that we were seeing twice as much spam from Topica as from ExactTarget, which sends several orders of magnitude more email than they do.

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January 2015 in spamtraps: ESPs

Here’s how the various email service providers (ESPs) rated on our “hitting spamtraps” scale in January 2015:

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RIP: Ellen @ Spamcop, Spamfighter Extraordinaire

A friend died last night after a brief illness, Ellen R., best known to many as “Ellen @ Spamcop”. I’ve known Ellen for a couple of decades now; she was an early stalwart in the antispam world. For many years she handled the abuse desk at Spamcop, one of the early antispam blocklists. Ellen handled everything: complaints from spammers, email from bewildered end users who did not understand why their email was blocked, misdirected spam reports from angry end users who just wanted the spam flooding their inbox to stop. She handled it all with professional courtesy and something better: genuine concern for people and a desire to help them keep their mailbox free of spam so they could find the messages that they wanted to receive.

Spammers didn’t like her much. Most other people did. I did, and I’ll miss her.

sahkopostitus.com (WebSiteRace Oy): Finland’s latest spam for hire

We’ve recently seen spam advertising the spamming and spam list sale services of sahkopostitus.com, apparently operated by WebSiteRace Oy. It’s funny because they specifically claim knowledge of (but not adherence to, I suppose) of the legislation relevant to the issue at hand.

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International Sales Group: Selling High-End Real Estate to Bankrupt Real Estate Firms?

Florida-based real estate sales firm International Sales Group (ISG) is emailing a list that contains almost a dozen of my spamtraps. Most of those spamtraps were email addresses at real estate firms that went bankrupt between 2008 and 2011. ISG is either emailing a list that they have not contacted in years, or they bought a list or hired an email appender. Their ESP is Vertical Response, whose abuse department appears to have gone AWOL sometime in 2014.

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