Cruising With the Stars

Celebrity Cruises wants my mum to cruise with them. Funny, because she never asked to be on their list. (She hates boats.) The ESP was ExactTarget.

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Who is Bon-Ton?

Bon-Ton is a chain of department stores, according to Google. I’m not familiar with them. There are definitely no Bon-Ton stores in the city I live in. I’ve never purchased anything from them, online or in store. Yet, they sent me this email via ESP CheetahMail. I smell an email append; this particular spamtrap seems to get personalized spam where people think this address is some other person, based on a faulty database match of some sort.

I personally will not be accepting any more mail from, except to report it to various blocklist groups.

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Equifax failing to honor unsubscribes

Equifax sent this gem on 10/13/2011 to an address that was given to them in order to obtain a credit report under FACTA on 7/24/2011, opted-out several hours later the same day, got spammed by Equifax on 9/21/2011 and did the unsubscribe thing again on that date.

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SmartZip Analytics: Helping a Spamtrap Sell Real Estate

Business intelligence and analysis company SmartZip Analytics wants to help a spamtrap sell real estate. Or maybe they just purchased a list that had one of my spamtraps on it? In any event, SmartZip sent the following bulk email to one of my spamtraps today via ESP Marketo.

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Topps: Spamming Purchased Lists

Apparently the online store for Topps, the famed chewing gum and baseball cards company, wants spamtraps to buy their products. Or so I would surmise after over two dozen spamtraps at several spamtrap domains received their latest advertisement. Unusually for mainsleaze spam, these advertisement emails were sent directly from Topps’ own IPs.

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The Real Deal, a commercial real estate magazine, spammed several email addresses that had not been live for several years, and that after being re-enabled rejected all email at SMTP time for over twelve consecutive months. They used the ESP MadMimi to send their spam. The Real Deal probably purchased a list, and failed to inform MadMimi of that fact since MadMimi’s AUP/TOS forbids purchased lists.

NOTE: MadMimi’s bulk emails are normally sent from a domain with the name, where # stands for a one- or two-digit number. Tagged URLs in their emails use the hosts and

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Coast to Coast Career Fairs: Hiring Spamtraps?

Apparently Coast to Coast Career Fairs LLC, an organization that sets up and runs career fairs in cities across the United States, wants spamtraps to attend their San Diego Job Fair. They spammed an email address at a domain that has never had a valid email address in its history via ESP StreamSend, part of Web development and hosting firm EZ Publishing.

NOTE: Streamsend’s bulk emails are normally sent from the domain Tagged URLs in their emails use the domain

Read more… Emailing a Dead Email Address, a portal for all things Golf, is spamming a years-dead email address via ESP SendGrid.

Read more… Just *how* old is your list?, an online travel agency, is spamming two years-dead email addresses via ESP VerticalResponse. I can’t rule out the possibility that the owners of both of these email addresses might have requested the email four or five years ago, but I do know that they cannot have responded to any offer in the past four years. I also know that any attempt to mail either of these email addresses resulted in a 500-level rejection for a period of over twelve consecutive months in 2007 and 2008. either has ignored bounces and completely failed to monitor or remove unresponsive email addresses, or they purchased a list.

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AT&T: Asking a Spamtrap to Sign Up

AT&T is spamming the purest sort of spamtrap — an email address at a domain that has never had a legitimate email address at all — via ESP Cheetahmail (i.e. Experian). AT&T really should confirm opt-ins, or perhaps should prevent its marketing department from purchasing lists?

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