Real Simple Magazine: Emailing a Dead Email Address

Real Simple magazine is mailing via Cheetahmail (a subsidiary of Experian), and is hitting an email address that has not been live since the mid 2000s.

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Jewel-Osco/Albertson’s: E-Pended List?

Jewel-Osco, a subsidiary of U.S. grocer Albertson’s, is spamming via ESP Cheetahmail (a subsidiary of Experian), and hitting email addresses that have never existed at all. It appears that Jewel-Osco has purchased an e-pended list.

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Motorola? WTF?

Why is Motorola spamming spamtraps via Eloqua (a large ESP)? This is highly unusual behavior for a legitimate company, even one that sends opt-out bulk email (spam). This mail blast hit three of my spamtraps, and several spamtraps of other anti-spammers whom I know personally. Normally this indicates a purchased list.

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