Who is Bon-Ton?

Bon-Ton is a chain of department stores, according to Google. I’m not familiar with them. There are definitely no Bon-Ton stores in the city I live in. I’ve never purchased anything from them, online or in store. Yet, they sent me this email via ESP CheetahMail. I smell an email append; this particular spamtrap seems to get personalized spam where people think this address is some other person, based on a faulty database match of some sort.

I personally will not be accepting any more mail from, except to report it to various blocklist groups.

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Fonecta Oy: Emailing dead addresses, not respecting opt-out

Fonecta Oy, a Finnish media agency, continues to spam addresses at a domain that has changed hands two years ago via their CRM tool despite endless e-mail opt-outs, phone calls, etc. Fonecta have assured the domain owner on a number of occasions that all old addresses have been removed, but actions speak louder than words: the spam continues.

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Marcus Evans Conferences: Emailing dead addresses, not giving a damn about opt out

Marcus Evans Conferences are spamming addresses they know to be dead as of Aug 31, 2009 via ESP sendgrid.com. They’ve been informed on March 17, 2010 and several times afterwards, most recently on Oct 3, 2011. In response to the latest one, Caroline Nielsen of linguarama.com told me just to unsubscribe on Oct 3, 2011. I have no idea how many of these addresses they have in their files, and in accordance with the Data Protection Act, they have a duty to rid their registers of erroneous and outdated data.

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