Fonecta spam summary for November 2012

Spammers using Fonecta’s spamming services through Ixonos in November 2012. There might be more; this is what I saw in my traps.

$ grep -h ^From: `cat /tmp/2012-11_ixonos-files`|sort|uniq -c|sort -rn
    2xx From: Vista Print / Iltalehti <>
    2xx From: VistaPrint / Iltalehti <>
    1xx From: Sonera <>
     5x From: Marimekko <>
     2x From: Netposti <>
     2x From: "Ville Majanen /" <>
     1x From: St1 <>
      x From: Rakennustieto Oy <>
      x From:
      x From: Vattenfall <>
      x From: Vanajanlinna Group <>
      x From:
      x From: Soveltaja Uutiskirje <>
      x From: "Re-Office asiakaspalvelu p.0207 920 280" <>
      x From:
      x From: Aalto University Executive Education <>
      x From: =?UTF-8?Q?Mehil=C3=A4inen_Oy?= <>
      x From: Suuri Palkintokysely <>
      x From: Kauppiaitten Paperipalvelu <>
      x From: Aalto University Executive Education <>

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