Fonecta attempts to bring Marketo into disrepute with themselves

Since SBL142215 and SBL166744 are making life a little hard for Fonecta at the moment, they figured they’d drag Marketo into their mess.

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Fonecta spam summary for November 2012

Spammers using Fonecta’s spamming services through Ixonos in November 2012. There might be more; this is what I saw in my traps.

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Fonecta: Outsourcing spam ops to Ixonos

Possibly following a certain difficulty in sending spam from their own IP address range, Fonecta have entered into a strategic business partnership with Ixonos (a Finnish provider of IT services). Now Fonecta spam is being sent from the Ixonos cloud instead as of mid-September 2012 or so.
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