Burt’s Bees: Now Spamming a Spamtrap Near Me….

Burt’s Bees, a popular U.S.-based natural cosmetics manufacturing company, is now sending bulk emails to a spamtrap that it allegedly updated via the opt-out FreshAddress service several weeks ago. Despite this futile and pointless attempt to turn an opt-out email address into an opt-in email address, their email still hit one of my spamtraps. It will likely hit several others when the rest of the list is mailed. The ESP is Responsys.

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What do Sprint-Nextel and Burt’s Bees Have in Common?

Just tonight two legitimate mainstream companies — cellular telephone carrier Sprint-Nextel and cosmetics maker Burt’s Bees — both spammed a number of spamtraps. I doubt that either company is aware of it. Both companies apparently hired a third company, Freshaddress.com, that calls itself “The Email Address Experts”, to reconfirm certain email addresses for them. FreshAddress.com used the ESP Listrak to send opt-out “reconfirmation” requests to several spamtraps.

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