Lateralus Enterprise has moved

According to a change on November 1, 2012 to its information in the Finnish Business Information System, Lateralus Enterprise is now resident at Valliniemenkatu 6 F 59, 48900 KOTKA. This 30 m² property was recently for rent. The ownership of the telephone number 040-594 0756 indicates the corresponding change, although Fonecta Finder hasn’t noticed yet that Lateralus Enterprise would have moved from Sokinsuontie 7 A 22, 02760 ESPOO. Even Tavoite Media‘s own web pages still display the old address. What’s more, it indicates another person as definitely having to do with Tavoite Media. So he’s not just a misguided customer, but an actual partner in spam. Thanks for confirming, dudes. BTW. If you list a portfolio of customers and three of the eleven are you yourselves, isn’t that kind of sad? (Getwin Oy,, and – a Hall of Shame for Finnish spammers

This is just a pointer to a new service that I’ve just found. Go Go! Welcome to the club 🙂

Blogging Hiatus Over :-)

As most of you noticed, I took a break from blogging for the past month. For three weeks of it I was on an extended driving trip around the Colorado Plateau (Valley of Fire State Park, Zion National Park, North Rim Grand Canyon, and lots else). I’m now back, however, and the mainsleaze spam is if anything increasing as time goes on, even after the flood of political spam dropped to a trickle after last Tuesday. So (my) blogging resumes today.

Hat tip to my colleague Atro Tossavainen for keeping the site going while I was gone. 🙂

Quit smoking today!!!

During October, I’ve been seeing spam to my traps that has to do with quitting smoking with the help of electronic nicotine dispensers. It’s so far off the scale it’s not really mainsleaze, but there’s a few things here that need being published.

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Political Spam This Week: Mitt Romney (sigh)

It became obvious in the past week that the real story of political spam in this campaign doesn’t involve ESPs and legitimate bulk email. It involves snowshoe spam being sent either by U.S. Presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s campaign, or a supporter. Whoever is sending this spam is sending much larger quantities of spam to purchased and other non-opt-in lists than all of the legitimate campaign mailing lists and ESPs combined.

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Keekoo: Dodging a Bullet by Confirming a List

Keekoo, a U.S.-based members-only pregnancy and baby supplies service, today sent over a dozen bulk emails to my spamtraps. Keekoo appears to have bought another company, Fortunately, Keekoo sent confirmation requests instead of welcome messages to that company’s list: users must respond to the messages to stay on the list. The ESP is IContact, which does not tolerate spam on its network and might well have advised Keekoo to confirm the list.

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Redbox: Confirming Subscriptions? YES!

Redbox, a popular U.S.-based movie and game rental service with trademark red kiosks at many gas stations and minimarts across the country, is actively confirming subscriptions to its service and mailing list. Over the past couple of months a number of my spamtraps have received confirmation requests from Redbox via its ESP, Cheetahmail, a subsidiary of Experian.

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Uh oh, Steve Corsi is on fire!

Somebody better grab a fire extinguisher, because Steve Corsi is on fire. I’m not sure who Steve Corsi is, but is so eager to tell everyone about this that they seem to have purchased a list containing many spamtrap addresses. I’m seeing copies of this mailing to multiple addresses, including both never-valid addresses and addresses that have been dead for more than 10 years.

The ESP is SimplyCast.

The text version of the message was empty except for a couple of “click here” links. I did not load or include the HTML as I did not want to falsely register image load activity to imply that my spamtrap addresses were alive.

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Dr. Rich Pfeiffer/Growth Central: Asking Permission — Finally! :-)

Dr. Rich Pfeiffer at Growth Central, a specialist in anger management training who offers classes and workshops, has sent a permission pass to his spamtrap-laden list. The permission pass was sent by ESP ExactTarget. Responses are directed to a URL at a different ESP, Streamsend.

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On using purchased lists

I recently googled the words can I use a purchased email list and just had to share MailChimp‘s brilliant take on the topic. Yeah, I know it’s pretty old and predates this log by a year or three. Looking at the Finnish B2B spam my traps receive, practically all of which is sent to lists sold by the so-called reputable players Fonecta, Eniro, Asiakastieto, JM Tieto, and of course the drive-by-night yahoos such as Suomen Markkinointirekisteri Oy, Digimediatoimisto Haikuu (“Haiku”), aka Lateralus Enterprise d/b/a Tavoite Media whose primus motor objects to being named and has enlisted the help of the Data Protection Ombudsman’s office to have his name stricken from this post, and aka Suunnittelutoimisto Jotain… aka Janne Laitinen, I felt compelled to mention this – if only so that (at least any responsible international) ESPs reading this would know that if their Finnish customers mention any of the above in their mails, they’re using a purchased list.

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