Finnair: Bounces, wot bounces?

Finnair, Finland’s national airline, has failed to process bounces for quite some time. So, if you are a valued customer of Finnair, and the email address you registered with Finnair is no longer yours, and you continue to fly with Finnair, you’re set up for a really interesting situation.
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Finnish Post: How not to (not) handle bounces

The NetPosti service of the Finnish Post is one of the most offensive parties to illegally handle outdated and erroneous personal data. They’ve finally woken up. Sorta.

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New Finnish DNSBL

We were recently made aware of, a DNSBL targeted at Finnish spammers only. We welcome the newcomer and wish it all the best!

New trend: spam via prepaid cell data plans

I’ve recently been complaining to DNA, Elisa and TeliaSonera about a few particularly persistent Finnish B2B mainsleaze spammers in their network. These responses are very enlightening:

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Periodic update

Yes, we’re alive. There’s just too much spam to choose which one(s) to write about, too little time, and all your usual stuff.

The good news is we’ve got tons more spamtraps. The bad news is that we do, because it means we’re up to our ears in spam that’s eligible to write about… 🙂

Fonecta “almost” forced to stop selling crappy B2B email addresses

A few days ago, somebody tweeted a copy of a letter Fonecta, the Finnish spammer and list vendor, had sent to its customers. The matter also made news in Finnish IT press (Tietoviikko).

A copy of the letter and a translation are included below.

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Spam apologies in Finland

In Laatu korvaa määrän, the CEO of Nebula, a Finnish hosting service provider expounds on how quality is better than quantity (with regard to email marketing, of course).

The post starts out fine, then it descends into the abyss of trying to discern what is a good purchased list.

Can I use a purchased email list? Courtesy of MailChimp.

How are Fonecta’s address lists built?

In the Finnish version of the Why won’t you tell us what email address was spammed article, I surmise that e-pending is largely unknown in Finland.

I stand corrected.
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WASTE advertising gone AMOK?

WASTE apparently has something to do with music. AMOK seems to be a new album by a band called Atoms for Peace. It sounds interesting, based on the musicians involved. The only problem is that I did not sign up for this list and don’t have any recollection of receiving any sort of email from WASTE previously. So, I think this is spam, and it makes me sad.

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Estonian “Mainsleaze” blog

I just spotted, which is a site dedicated to blogging about Estonian B2B spam. Dude has been at this for more than seven years. My hat’s off to you, Veebimees (“Web Man”).

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