Sheldon Container: Reconfirming an Outdated List! :) :) :) :) :)

Sheldon Container, a Houston, Texas company that sells industrial packing supplies, today hit my spamtraps, not with spam, but with a genuine, opt-in permission pass. A sample is below. The ESP is IContact.

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Barclays Bank: Sending Transactional Billing Notices to a Spamtrap

Today Barclaycard, the credit card division of U.K. banking firm Barclays, joined the MainSleaze Spam blog list of banking infamy. It did so when it sent a transactional billing email to an email address that has not been live for ten years, notifying the non-existent owner of this email address that he or she had a payment due, and including a name, last four digits of a credit card number, and tagged URLs that presumably gave anybody who received this email access to a customer’s banking records. The ESP is Cheetahmail, a subsidiary of Experian.

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Bank of America: Sending Customer Satisfaction Surveys to a Spamtrap

Today Bank of America sent a customer satisfaction survey reminder to the same spamtrap via ESP Real Magnet that it has been emailing or months via ESP ExactTarget.

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Biospam: Pointers to others who document the same phenomenon

I googled one of the businesses I have just reported here together with the word spam and came across They haven’t been active for a while, though, but the phenomenon is clearly widely recognised. Apparently the folks I googled have been at it for quite a while.

The Lost Art of Goat SacrificingBounce Handling

I’ve recently laid my hands on a bunch of what I think are pretty fantastic spamtraps. A group of domains that used to belong to a startup at the turn of the millennium, sold for $A_LOT to a big player who didn’t know what to do with it and folded it in 2002. The domains haven’t been in any use since. You think a year’s timeout ought to do it? So do I.

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Somebody, or it might be something, just visited the Mainsleaze blog from (, trying to leave a comment on the Microsoft spam posting I made yesterday. Too bad the comment itself had nothing to offer on the Microsoft issue; it was merely comment spam in a blog, advertising some content on the blog of ( Ky) that is somehow related to Microsoft products.  I gave the owner of the biz a call and let him know; he says everything to do with their site happens through an advertising agency they use, which he did not name.  Their WordPress content looks like it’s all auto-linked from elsewhere. Gee…

Cheetahmail: Giving Up Email Append (YES!)

Today Ben Isaacson, the deliverability and compliance manager at Cheetahmail, posted a blog on the Cheetahmail web site, “A CheetahMail New Years’ Resolution: Giving Up Email Append”.

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How to Hit a Spamtrap and Do It Right

H-E-B, a regional grocery chain in south-central Texas and northeastern Mexico, is sending bulk email confirmation requests to a pure spamtrap with an associated name that never belonged to that spamtrap. The requests appear to be confirmed opt-in (COI) requests. If they are, then the spamtrap will not be added to H-E-B’s list despite either a typo during the subscription process or a subscription forgery. (Spamtraps don’t respond to confirmation requests any more than they subscribe for bulk email.) The sending ESP is PulsePoint.

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A Blast from the Past: Return Path Acquires OtherInBox

This morning a heavy hitter in the legitimate bulk email community, reputation service Return Path, announced that it has acquired OtherInBox, an interesting free webmail provider with some good tools for managing email overload. Return Path plans to use the data that users of OtherInBox generate by their activities to improve its main reputation products and gain more insight into “the user experience” with email.

Despite my respect for Return Path and interest in their activities, I doubt I’d have bothered to comment on this except for an interesting side issue: the founder of OtherInBox is Joshua Baer, a former titan in the spam email business in the late 1990s and early 2000s. I became aware of OtherInBox a few months ago after I stumbled across Baer on Twitter and, wanting to find out what he was up to, went over to the OtherInBox web site.

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Chase Bank: Including Customer Information in Marketing Email Sent to Spamtraps

Months after I first blogged about Chase Bank sending marketing emails to an email address that had been closed for many years via Acxiom Digital, and after I added a comment to that blog indicating that Chase was sending marketing emails to a different email address via Epsilon Interactive (Bigfoot Interactive), this second email address is *still* receiving the same bulk emails. Worse, they STILL contain the customer’s name and the last four digits of the customer’s credit card number, although the customer has not owned this email address for years!

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