Fortnox: Selling accounting services by spamming purchased addresses harvested from the Web

Fortnox Oy (www, biz reg), the Finnish branch of the Swedish mothership, is selling its services by spamming. This spam was seen at the address my business publishes on its Web page. The contents of the message indicate they purchased an address list from Suomen Markkinointirekisteri Oy.

Markkinointirekisteri reported on October 5, 2012 that their file contains absolutely nothing on my business following earlier complaints. It follows that one of these folks is lying, but initially, I had no way to tell which one it might be. That is, until Fortnox / Mr Pilkama kindly admitted it (see comment below).

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MarketingOffice Romania in cahoots with Vistaprint

An anonymous party appearing as is spamming on behalf of Vistaprint. Given the .pro registration, it looks like this is a Romanian party. It may be something closer to home, too.

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These spams have been seen in addresses found in emaildump.txt, the Finnish equivalent of the Millions CD and the bestest address source around. Others have spotted it before me.

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Restaurant Vanha Kalasatama: Harvesting personal information from websites to spam, and publishing the list

Cima Oy, d/b/a Restaurant Vanha Kalasatama (www, biz reg) has been spamming since October 22. I mentioned it to their service provider on Oct 23, but I don’t think I got a response, not even an automatic one. There was more spam on Oct 26, and on Nov 1, nothing special about that, but today, Nov 22, they struck gold by including their entire address list visibly in the Cc: field. So I feel compelled to award them a Spammer Award of some kind.

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Lateralus Enterprise / Tavoite Media: Descending ever deeper into spamdom

Continuing his descent deeper into Spamland, my bestest friend Lateralus Enterprise / Tavoite Media is now advertising “try out a car free for a month”. The beneficiary of the campaign is, a “survey” carried out by Orville Media ApS, a Danish advertising agency with a poor reputation – googling them produces a number of hits to Finnish forum discussions where consumers feel they have been cheated by this group and the Consumer Ombudsman and the Digitoday magazine specifically warn against giving this group any information at all. There is even a dedicated page by a Danish person that mentions them.  A particularly nice touch (and proof of “descent into spamdom” is the use of “” as the apparent address source, sender and reply-to – it’s a parked domain that’s registered to somebody in China and may well never have had any involvement with Lateralus Enterprise.
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Hengitysliitto (Breathing Association): Soliciting contributions by spamming

It looks like Bisnode has a campaign of “helping” non-profits out by spamming on their behalf.  This, too, was sent to an address scraped from the web page of the biz. Hengitysliitto is the Finnish Breathing Association, a non-profit dedicated to helping people suffering from breathing disorders.  The message doesn’t even attempt to indicate the address source.  Let’s see what Apsis has to say about this one.

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Regus Finland Oy / Regus Group: Selling temp office facilities by spamming

Regus Finland Oy, my old friend (see previous posts 1, 2, 3, 4) are spamming to sell their temp office facilities. As with the other post today, I saw this in an address harvested from the web page of the biz, and have seen it in spamtraps as well. The ESP is the French Edatis, an acquaintance of mine from a very, very long time ago in this sordid context.

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Pelastusarmeija (Salvation Army Finland): Soliciting contributions by spamming

Pelastusarmeija, aka the Finnish branch of the Salvation Army, is spamming businesses to solicit contributions. The partner in spam is Bisnode/Soliditet, an operation that specialises in the generation and sale of leads, and who are apparently a customer of Apsis, a Swedish ESP who at least in private conversations proffer a policy of disallowing the use of purchased lists. (Guys, if you read this, posting a link on your website to your Acceptable Use Policy would not be a stupid move, and commenting here would be welcome.)

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Lateralus Enterprise / Tavoite Media: Spamming to sell SEO services to spamtraps

Lateralus Enterprise / Tavoite Media is spamming again, this time to advertise its own search engine optimization services.

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CL-Yhtiöpalvelu: Renting temps to spamtraps

CL-Yhtiöpalvelu Oy (biz reg, www) is spamming to sell temps to spamtraps. Their partner in spam this time is Panic Marketing, who are unfortunately no stranger here. Their list is based on “Public sources on the Internet”, i.e. we’re spamming and we know it.

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