Search Engine Optimization for Really Dumb Dummies

I forgot to post this at the time.

The message contains a link to an obviously fake LinkedIn profile at the sender’s name.

The message was sent to an address that only exists in a HTML comment on a website.  The only parties that will ever find it are spammers spidering for addresses.

The domain is registered at Moniker to “Kery Nieminen”, which sounds fictitious (“Kery” not being a Finnish name at all, or a name in any language I know…), apparently of Snellmaninkatu 83, 02760 ESPOO, tel. +358-40-6345731 (unlisted number).  The unfortunate part is that there is no Snellmaninkatu in all of Espoo… Googling for the person’s name brings up the LinkedIn page and any number of spams that contain the same text as below, sent to blogs and public mailing lists.

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Hälyx: Selling security to spamtraps

Something calling itself “Hälyx” is advertising business security services to spamtraps.  The message contains the admission that the source of the register they operate, which they decline to name as required by law, are “public address sources on the Internet”.

The spam service provider is Panic Marketing, no stranger to us here, unfortunately, who also operate the web bug in this message (“<img src=’<>’>).

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No need for copy of any kind, as the message is the same as yesterday. Only the target address matters here, and that’s trivial to deduce. Headers below, anyway.

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Panic Marketing: Harvesting personal information from the Internet to spam

Panic Marketing Oy (see biz reg), who are an old acquaintance here, are spamming natural persons whose addresses they confess to having harvested from “public sources on the Internet” with ads for cell phones and plans from Elisa, who used to be known as Helsinki Telephone Co. However, the sender and the beneficiary are not identified in the message. The apparent sender domain, which also hosts the unsub facility, is registered through Domains by Proxy. How much more can you fail?
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SH-Group Oy d/b/a Data Media Gazelle / Yet another small-time spammer for hire from Finland

SH-Group Oy, also doing business as Data Media Gazelle, under the domain name, is spamming addresses found on “public Internet pages and Fonecta Kohdistamiskone B2B” with ads for their spamming service.  How anybody bothers setting up one in this day and age is beyond me.  I wish you all could read their press release (only in Finnish), it’s got practically every item in Rhyolite Software’s excellent Spam Is That Which We Don’t Do list. I particularly like the argument that apparently spam is environmentally friendly.

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Push Marketing: Blatantly disregarding opt-out

Markkinointitoimisto Push! Oy (a/k/a Push! Marketing Management Ltd, see also biz reg) are spamming, and are doing so illegally in several ways, including but perhaps not limited to violating a previously expressed opt-out.

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