Fonecta spam summary for November 2012

Spammers using Fonecta’s spamming services through Ixonos in November 2012. There might be more; this is what I saw in my traps.

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Bluebiit: Spamming to sell electronic gadgets

Bluebiit (see earlier post) have moved house and are now spamming from the network of, to purchased lists obtained from Suomen Markkinointirekisteri Oy and Digimediatoimisto Haikuu as before. The spam-advertised domain is hosted by Suncomet at the IP address that sent the spam.  The domain is hosted at [] (rDNS “”) by LeaseWeb in the Netherlands.  The domain is hosted at [] (“”) by Nebula, as before.  The spam-advertised online shop is hosted by Sigmatic at [] (“”).
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UAB VENITAS / Spamming to sell address lists for spam

Just as I was discussing the data provided by this spammer with a happy customer of theirs, the spam appears in my mailbox. Perfect timing.

Complaints to OVH will likely be redirected to a black hole.

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Restaurant Vanha Kalasatama: Harvesting personal information from websites to spam, and publishing the list

Cima Oy, d/b/a Restaurant Vanha Kalasatama (www, biz reg) has been spamming since October 22. I mentioned it to their service provider on Oct 23, but I don’t think I got a response, not even an automatic one. There was more spam on Oct 26, and on Nov 1, nothing special about that, but today, Nov 22, they struck gold by including their entire address list visibly in the Cc: field. So I feel compelled to award them a Spammer Award of some kind.

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More spam just in from the spammer at Lateralus Enterprise / Tavoite Media advertising the spam registers for sale at Now the mails contain a disclaimer to say “This is an advertisement meant for companies that does not require prior consent according to law.” Well, it’s still spam, and it gets listed and otherwise treated as spam nonetheless.

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Push Marketing: Blatantly disregarding opt-out

Markkinointitoimisto Push! Oy (a/k/a Push! Marketing Management Ltd, see also biz reg) are spamming, and are doing so illegally in several ways, including but perhaps not limited to violating a previously expressed opt-out.

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Why is Lyris Emailing for an Openly Opt-Out Mailer? :-(

An outfit that calls itself Informed Store, a marketer to third-party lists, is spamming spamtrap email addresses that did not opt in to their email or email from any other bulk sender. The email appears to have been sent on behalf of the Welsh government, and is partly in Welsh. The ESP is Lyris, also known of as Uptilt.

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