Nettex International Oy: Advertising to spamtraps

Nettex International Oy (www, biz reg), a wholesaler of perfumes and cosmetics, is advertising its wares and services to spamtraps. The ESP is Vipmailer, covered in the previous post.  Some addresses on their list constitute outdated and erroneous personal data (Personal Data Act, 9.2 §), and the message does not contain the necessary information on the personal data file used or its data controller (Personal Data Act, 25 §).

Given that Vipmailer sell targeted address lists, I’d be surprised if it wasn’t a case of Nettex having purchased the use of the addresses from their service provider.

This has been going on at least since Q4/2012.

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Tmi Toni Artama (U:gin mainos- ja paitapaino, ABIclothing): Selling promo pens to spamtraps

A one-man business from Uusikaupunki (www, biz reg) wants to sell promotional pens to spamtraps. The ESP is MailChimp, the campaign execution has something to do with the advertising agency Mainostoimisto Ilmiö (www, biz reg), and the list is a purchased one (what a surprise) from Fonecta (yet another whopping surprise).

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iFilip clearly gearing up for more

Unlike the previous entry, at least this spam was sent on behalf of a recognisable entity, Storia Kustannus Oy (www, biz reg). Storia’s representative confirmed in private email that they purchased the campaign from Tavoite Media, a d/b/a of Lateralus Enterprise.

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iFilip still at it

“Riikka Mäkelä”, which appears to be a fake identity set up by Tavoite Media, a d/b/a of Lateralus Enterprise, recently offered us the following spam. This isn’t even mainsleaze, it’s pure and unadulterated spam, but it was sent to addresses commonly used for mainsleaze (that is, Finnish B2B addresses). There was reason enough for more than a suspicion about the sender’s true identity, and the following post confirmed it.

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Cosmetic products for the spamtrap: Estee Lauder

I have no way to identify why any addresses would be on Estee Lauder’s list, but at the very least, it is clear that they are paying zero attention to bounces.  Addresses that have spent a decade dead just shouldn’t be on anybody’s mailing list any more.

The ESP is CheetahMail, who, according to a rDNS lookup of the surrounding /24, handle bulk email for entities such as VistaPrint.  The words “lossless compression” did briefly cross my mind.

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SLP Group OSK (Cooperative) / Offering billing services to spamtraps

SLP Group OSK d/b/a laskutuspalvelu (www, biz reg) is advertising its billing services to spamtraps. The ESP is, a d/b/a of Mousewell Oy (www, biz reg), d/b/a Sörnäisten Sähköinen Suoramarkkinointi (Sörnäinen Electronic Direct Marketing), a relatively new Finnish spam op.

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Swedish spam ESP: Mailcom / Venamail

More information at the sender’s site. Note the complete absence of anything resembling an AUP and anything that would discuss the issue of spam (from the recipient’s perspective, anyway).

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On personal data protection requirements in Finland

Got a response from the Data Protection Ombudsman today (on a matter related to Marjex Oy, Document No. 3030/4511/2012). It has several interesting points of which all Finnish spammers should take note.

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AA-Realisointi / Oy JVK Finland Ab: Advertising auction services to spamtraps

AA Realisointi (www, biz reg) is advertising its auction services to spamtraps by way of services provided by what appears to be their parent company, Oy JVK Finland Ab (d/b/a Suomen SuurMyynti, www, biz reg).

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A-Paino: Selling printing services to spamtraps

A-Paino (www (conveniently images only), biz reg), a local printing house and a d/b/a of Gennadi Kovalenko, is hoping to drum up new business by spamming. They started in late November 2012 as far as I can tell.

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