Selling printer inks to spamtraps / New Finnish B2B spammer

There’s a new player in town, Oraakkeli Oy (www, biz reg). They figure they’re doing something better than their competitors (that is, everybody in Finland spamming B2B lists completely indiscriminately) by spamming CEOs only. Their front page proudly says something about how they provide targeted B2B advertising and have a list of 35,944 CEOs from the 168,000 or so Finnish businesses in their list.  The customer whose pitch they’re touting to “CEOs” is (www, biz reg), an online retailer of printer inks.

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Koulutuspalvelu Vaikutus: Selling education to spamtraps

Koulutuspalvelu Vaikutus (www, biz reg), who share at least one player with a spammer we already know, PowerCompetence, are spamming to sell their courses.

The ESP is NetMonitor (an unregistered d/b/a of Developer’s Helsinki Oy Ab), whose Terms of Service continue to contain nothing on spamming. NetMonitor’s ISP is Nebula, whose attitude regarding spam can only be described as being somewhere between lax and actively hostile against complainants.

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Facediili Oy (www, biz reg) is spamming on behalf of (see domain registration below; the two are owned by what amounts to the same entity). The spam has been sent to a compound file consisting of their own customer file, the Finnish Trade Register (aka the Biz Info System) and “other public registers”.  This spam obviously has nothing to do with anybody’s job function.

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eSoft – Verkkokauppa (Tmi Erno Tiepuoli): Spamming to sell electronic gadgets

eSoft Online Shop, a personal d/b/a of Erno Tiepuoli (www, biz reg) is spamming to sell electronic gadgets. The ESP is Elastic Email, whose terms of service do not allow the sending of spam, or the use of purchased lists, and specifically make reference to Spamhaus’ definition of spam.  I’ve notified Elastic Email (by email to about this spammer no later than Nov 22, 2012, but haven’t heard back from them, and the spammer is still busy spamming.  The address source is Eniro, which is another d/b/a of Fonecta.  In other words, it’s a purchased list.

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Rustholli Remontit: Offering renovation projects to spamtraps

Rustholli Remontit Oy (www, biz reg) is spamming to offer renovation projects.  Rustholli Remontit Oy continues the business of the now-bankrupt RuRe Oy (ex Rustholli Remontit Oy) (old biz reg, bankrupt estate biz reg).  The ESP is, Mansoft tietotekniikka Oy, who don’t see it appropriate to publish an Acceptable Use Policy at all.  Rustholli have been spamming through at least since March 2012.

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Fonecta attempts to bring Marketo into disrepute with themselves

Since SBL142215 and SBL166744 are making life a little hard for Fonecta at the moment, they figured they’d drag Marketo into their mess.

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SportElite Marketing Oy / Aim Higher: Spamming to solicit sponsorship from businesses for sportspeople

SportElite Marketing Oy, under the unregistered d/b/a Aim Higher (www, biz reg) is spamming to solicit sponsorship for sportspeople. Their spam service provider is the Fonecta/Ixonos collaboration, which currently means they’re experiencing serious delivery problems. Which is only appropriate given the unusually poor quality of Fonecta’s lists (even with respect to the other crap everybody else is peddling that has its origins in the Finnish Business Information System) and their utter failure to understand the problem that is spam.

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Finnish Ice Hockey Association / Ilves Solutions Oy ( Spamming to sell tickets to ice hockey games

The Finnish Ice Hockey Association bought a spam campaign from (Ilves Solutions Oy). As with practically any Finnish B2B spam, the stuff was seen at the addresses of some natural persons, the use of which constitutes a violation of Section 26 of the Act on the Protection of Privacy in Electronic Communications (not to mention that the processing of outdated and erroneous personal data violates Section 9, Paragraph 2 of the Personal Data Act) that have been retrieved from the Finnish Business Information System.
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Fonecta spam summary for November 2012

Spammers using Fonecta’s spamming services through Ixonos in November 2012. There might be more; this is what I saw in my traps.

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(RESOLVED) Check Point Software: Resurrecting a dead list

Over three years into my ownership of a certain domain name that used to belong to a biz but now belongs to myself as a private person ever since Dec 29, 2009, I have now started to receive mails targeted at customers of Check Point Software. The recipient was related to the IT side of the previous owner, so it does make a certain amount of sense and probably isn’t straight out spam, but resurrecting a list after over three years of inactivity? Give me a break. Disregarding opt-out? I’m afraid that does make it spam.

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