May 2015 in spamtraps: ESPs

About outsourcing mail reception services

If you are somebody who habitually receives abuse complaints from random third parties, consider twice before outsourcing all your mail reception to third parties such as Google or Microsoft.

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April 2015 in spamtraps: ESPs

The ratio of ESP sent mail to all received in these spamtraps is 1%.

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March 2015 in spamtraps: ESPs

Just a quick table this time, no beautiful graphs.

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Estonian professional spam operations (targeting Finland)

Finnish businesses, kindly stay away from the following Estonian businesses for your marketing needs.

  • MK Ärilahendused OÜ (recent SBL listing) / Dmitri Mihhailov Update: Listed on ROKSO
  • Scandinavian Marketing OÜ / Urmo Valle / Urmo Mark
  • Mihail Fortis (recent SBL listing; unknown if he operates as a business or not)

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